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Particulars wins Indie Showcase at iFEST Sydney

Particulars, the arcade game based on subatomic particles by See Through Studios, won the award for Best Game at iFEST Sydney. We had a record number of games being exhibited so competition was fierce! Three runner-up prizes were awarded: TDTDTD

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Discover Undead Overlord at iFEST Canberra


Undead Overlord has you controlling a horde of Zombies as you try to quench your never ending thirst for brains. Starting in a small town, things quickly get out of hand as you foil the best laid plans the town

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Asteroid Base speaking at iFEST Sydney

Matt Hammill - Asteroid Base

Asteroid Base are an independent development team from Toronto Canada, currently working on the outstanding upcoming game, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. The three-man team comprised of Mark Hammill, Jamie Tucker and Adam Winkels find themselves in the position that

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Drone Swarm Command wins Melbourne

Drone Swarm Command by Connor O’Kane scooped up the PS3 for best unpublished game in Melbourne. Danger Alliance by Alex Boylan from TOME studios was named as Runner-up!

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iFEST is a FREE festival for independent game developers: from new startups and established studios to anyone who thinks they might have what it takes to imagine, design, build and market games.


iFEST Schedule

Seattle - May 6th 2017
11 am - 3 pm
Seattle Center Armory
Seattle, WA