iFEST 2017 Games List

Here is an updated list of games scheduled for exhibition at iFEST 2017 in Seattle (this list will be updated periodically):

Atomic Heist from Live Aliens at atomicheist.com

Black Forest Ham from LWTech Game Club at neontower.com

Care for Our World from Sunbreak Games at sunbreakgames.com

Collidalot from Grunka Munka Games at grunkamunka.com

Infinite Scuba and Infinite Scuba VR from Cascade Game Foundry SPC at www.infinitescuba.com

Monkey Land 3d: Reaper Rush from Full Metal Jacket Games at store.steampowered.com/app/569500/

Neon Beatdown from Team Digidummies at www.facebook.com/neonbeatdown/

Project: Ivory Corps from Ivory Corps Studio at www.facebook.com/ivorycorps

Shadows of Shardfall from Questy McQuestface at www.facebook.com/projectlillyRPG

Skate of Emergency from !!! (pronounced Bang.Bang.Bang.) at skateofemergency.com

Slaughterball Board Game from Frog the What Games at www.slaughterball.net

Tales of Lunea from LWTech Game Club at talesoflunea.com

Tank to the Skies from Topstitch Games at topstit.ch

Tiny Bubbles from Pine Street Codeworks at www.pinestreetcodeworks.com

Unannounced Project from Funnersoft, LLC at www.funnersoft.com

Vextar from Vextar Dev Team at vextar.xyz

Warcube from Haven Made at www.warcubegame.com


Here is a list of games without URL’s:

Agent C3 Brie from Air Raid Entertainment

BeeHave from B-Team

Project SHADE from Robot Spider


Here is a list of our Sponsors:

Seattle Center  seattlecenter.org

Wargaming.net  na.wargaming.net

Bigworld Technologies www.bigworldtech.com

Academy of Interactive Entertainment aie.edu


Here is a list of our Partners:

ID Tech www.idtech.com

Seattle Indies www.seattleindies.org

VR Maker Dome www.facebook.com/VRMakerDome