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Discover Undead Overlord at iFEST Canberra

Undead Overlord has you controlling a horde of Zombies as you try to quench your never ending thirst for brains.

Starting in a small town, things quickly get out of hand as you foil the best laid plans the town and the military can put up against you. Jumpcore, the independent development team spread across the USA developing Undead Overlord will be speaking as part iFEST Canberra this weekend.


The team developing Undead Overlord is comprised of game industry veterans who have worked for the likes of Atari, Electronic Arts, Midway, THQ, Zemnott Games and are now taking on independent development.

During their iFEST presentation CEO of Jumpcore Cameron Petty and Lead Programmer Martin Smith will share insights and reveal their latest game via video conference call. The presentation will cover:

  • Why these industry veterans have chosen to go Indie.
  • What techniques the team uses for developing games remotely
  • Working with Unity3D to develop quality games fast.
  • Behind-the-scenes look at the development of Undead Overlord
  • Find out how Undead Overlord is providing a new game experience through the zombie game genre.

The Jumpcore presentation will be the first session of iFest Canberra so don’t be late! Register for iFEST Canberra today