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Seattle iFEST 2012



9:45 AM Welcome
Dr Chris Erhardt
Head of School, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
10:00 AM Beauty, Constraint, and the Atari 2600
Ed Fries
Co-founder of Microsoft Game Studios
11:00 AM The Mathematics of Games
Bruce Dawson
Valve Software
12:00 PM Crowd-funded Game Development
Jordan Weisman
CEO of Harebrained Schemes
Jon Kimmich
Editor of ‘The Crowdfunding Bible
1:00 PM Women in Video Games
2:00 PM Game Prototyping
Jason Shankel
Director of Creative Development at Shankel Studios
3:00 PM Startup trials and tribulations. How to get funding and then what
John Williamson
Producer at Meteor Entertainment
4:00 PM Legal issues for Indie Developers
Thomas Buscaglia
The Game Attorney
5:00 PM Break browse through the expo and play some games!
5:30 PM Luminary
Gabe Newell
Valve Software