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iFEST Seattle Games (2015 Update)

Here is a list of games from iFEST 2015 in Seattle:

Necropolis from Harebrained Schemes @

Shadowrun: Dragonfall from Harebrained Schemes @

Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes @

XO from Jumpdrive Studios @

Tumblestone from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild @

Soul Locus from Fat Loot Games @

Monster Stacker from Fat Loot Games @

Alphabeats from Rad Dragon @

Skulldug! from Ruddy Games @

Immune Defense from Molecular Jig Games @

Texas Twist Poker from Spontaneous QuirK @

Lords of New York from Lunchtime Studios, LLC @

Reaper Rush from FMJ Games @

Soldier Girl from FMJ Games @

Monkey Land 3D: Sub Zero from FMJ Games @

Infinite Scuba from Cascade Game Foundry @

Dust Bunny Sweep! from Cardboard Sled @

Commander Kamala from Escape Fuel @

All Your Friends from Caffeinated Games @

March of Industry from Archive Entertainment @

Biplane from

Bring Your Own Book from Do Better Games @

The Rosebud Condominium from Versus Software @

Charlotte Seeker from BEARCOWBOY @

Dust Bunny Sweep! from Cardboard Sled @

Infinite Scuba from Cascade Game Foundry @

Temple from Spite House @

Universe Sandbox 2 from Giant Army @

And AIE student games: Fae-Tal, SlimeTime, and Total Withdrawal