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iFEST 2015 video from Pixel Bokeh in Seattle

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Commander Kamala wins People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to Escape Fuel Studios, and their game Commander Kamala, which won the People’s Choice award at iFEST in Seattle on Saturday, May 2nd. To find out more information about Commander Kamala, please visit Escape Fuel Studios website at

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iFEST Seattle Games (2015 Update)

Here is a list of games from iFEST 2015 in Seattle: Necropolis from Harebrained Schemes @ Shadowrun: Dragonfall from Harebrained Schemes @ Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes @ XO from Jumpdrive Studios @ Tumblestone from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild @

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Space Dust Racers win iFEST Melbourne indie game showcase

Congratulations to Space Dust Studios whose game, Space Dust Racers, won iFEST Melbourne’s indie game showcase! A big shout out to Runners-up, Blockpocalypse, which was also a big hit with players.  

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iFEST is a FREE festival for independent game developers: from new startups and established studios to anyone who thinks they might have what it takes to imagine, design, build and market games.


iFEST Schedule

Seattle - May 6th 2017
11 am - 3 pm
Seattle Center Armory
Seattle, WA