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iFEST 2014 – Seattle Schedule

May 3rd, Seattle Center Armory (Food Court Level)

10:30 am

Game Play Begins!

10:45 am Welcome
11:00 am Chris Charla, Director ID@Xbox at Microsoft “Game Design across Platforms”
12:00 pm Josie Nutter, Software Engineer and UX Specialist at Technical Illusions “castAR projects you into a new world”
  1:00 pm John Krajewski, Creative Director and Executive Producer, Strange Loop Games You have died of dysentery – How games will revolutionize education”
  2:00 pm Jordan Weisman , Founder of Harebrained Schemes “Secrets to Leading a High Performance Indie Game Team”
  3:00 pm Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney “Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know”
  4:00 pm People’s Choice Prizes Awarded
  4:30 pm End of Festivities