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blastr wins the Ps3 in Sydney!


Nikhil Suresh and Jayden Tilbrook from Cherrybrook High School took home the PS3 yesterday when their game blastr (non capitalised) won the judge’s vote for best game.

blastr is a game made in a week using XNA and C#. It’s non-violent but very playable (surprising for some).


Nikhil started making games when he was 7. Apparently, it all started with a silly quiz game using VB6, and now it’s multi-platform games on Android, PC, and recently, the web through HTML5.

Jayden’s computer-based geekery started earlier, at the fresh old age of 3 when he began crashing his parents’ old Windows 3.1 computer. Rumour has it he could touch-type before he could walk.

When they submitted the game they pointed out it still wasn’t completely completed (completely) but was still extremely fun. It felt pretty finished to me even though I kept losing.