iFEST 2016 Games list – Seattle

Here is an updated list of games scheduled for exhibition at iFEST 2016 in Seattle:


Buddy & Me: Dream Edition from Sunbreak Games @ www.sunbreakgames.com

Card Castle from Shell Games @ www.facebook.com/cardcastlegame

Care for Our World from Sunbreak Games @ www.sunbreakgames.com

Don’t Eat Me from Foundry10 @ twitter.com/donteatmeinfo

Fictorum from Scraping Bottom Games @ www.fictorum.com

Four Torches from FMJ Games @ fmjgames.com

Gotta Go! from Dire Nerd Studios, LLC. @ DireNerdStudios.com

Gravastar from Studio Atma @ www.gravastargame.com

Gurgamoth from Galvanic Games @ www.gurgamoth.com

Hack N’ Slush from Obul Studios @ obulstudios.com

Infinite Scuba from Cascade Game Foundry@ www.infinitescuba.com

Kuma’z Warp Space from Uforia @ uforia.com

Leave the Nest from Kaio Interactive @ www.ki-games.com

Lords of New York from Lunchtime Studios, LLC @ lordsofnewyork.com

Magic & Magnums from Kaio Interactive @ www.ki-games.com

Micro Game Launchers from Screenchangers @ screenchangers.co

Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush from FMJ Games @ fmjgames.com

Morning Sun from Morning Sun Team @ versus-software.com

Necropolis from Harebrained Schemes @ www.harebrained-schemes.com

Notice ME Senpai! from Notice Us Games @ www.facebook.com/noticemegame

Of the Living from Uforia @ uforia.com

Shadowrun: Hong Kong from Harebrained Schemes @ www.harebrained-schemes.com

Slide Tactics from Haven Made @ www.haven-made.com

Smashy Brick from Bulldozer Games @ smashybrick.com

Soldier Girl from FMJ Games @ fmjgames.com

Stickography from Uforia @ uforia.com

Tea Frenzy from Brooks Peck @ brooks-peck.squarespace.com

The Investigator Cases from The Sky and the Sea Studios @ www.theskyandthesea.com

The Rabbit and the Owl from Formal Sheep @ rabbitandowl.com

TRUNDL.buddy and the Ghostly Wi-Filactery from SPITE House, LLC @ spite.house

V-Bound from SuperNeko @ superneko.com

XO from Jumpdrive Studios @ xo.jmpdrv.com


Here is a list of games without URL’s:


AI vs. I from Academy of Interactive Entertainment Students

Both of Us from LWTech Game Dev Club

Gachatown from Academy of Interactive Entertainment Students

Laser Sweep from LWTech Game Dev Club

Lumenities from LWTech Game Dev Club

Magiswap from Academy of Interactive Entertainment Students

Office Smash from LWTech Game Dev Club

Shift from Academy of Interactive Entertainment Students

Storms of Eos from LWTech Game Dev Club

The Enragement Ring from Grunka Munka Games

TInk The Cupid from LWTech Game Dev Club

Tiny Bubbles from Pine Street Codeworks

Trek from LWTech Game Dev Club

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iFEST is a FREE festival for independent game developers: from new startups and established studios to anyone who thinks they might have what it takes to imagine, design, build and market games.


iFEST Schedule

Seattle - May 6th 2017
11 am - 3 pm
Seattle Center Armory
Seattle, WA