Lafayette iFEST 2012


Main Presentation

9:30 AM iFEST Doors Open
10:00 AM Welcome
Dr. Chris Erhardt, AIE US Head of Schools
10:10 AM TBA
11:00 AM Cranking the Creative Trebuchet
Kody Chamberlain, Artist
12:00 PM Game Software Design and Production
Dr. Chris Erhardt, AIE US Head of Schools
1:00 PM 3D Stereoscopic Conversion for Film
Jordan Alphonso and J. Thomas Wilson, Pixel Magic
2:00 PM Sustainable Indie Game Development: Keeping a Small Studio Alive and Well
Jason Tate, Pixel Dash Studios
3:00 PM Ken Hanson, Twin Engine Labs
4:00 PM Keeping Players Hooked, the Psychology of Game Design

Jameson Quave

5:00 PM Closing Remarks

iFEST is a FREE festival for independent game developers: from new startups and established studios to anyone who thinks they might have what it takes to imagine, design, build and market games.


iFEST Schedule

Seattle - May 6th 2017
11 am - 3 pm
Seattle Center Armory
Seattle, WA